It’s Fair Time

The Alaska State Fair is here. What is the talk about the fair? The crazy hair styles, painted faces, concerts, food, shops and much more. What fair food is really attracting these lovely fair costumers? Well, let’s take a closer look. “Macho Nachos. If you haven’t had them, you are missing out on them,” Dimond Senior Alexandra Johnson said. If you haven’t had them, stop in and take a bite of a crunchy goodness. “I liked candied apples. They are so good, but get stuck in your teeth,” Johnson said. What other food is there to enjoy at the fair? “Kettle corn it is delicious,” Dimond Senior Stephanie Montgomery said. Then you find the people who don’t like the fair food. “The lines are to long you can’t enjoy your food,” English teacher Todd Sanderson said. Does everyone look forward to the fair? “Yes, for the food. It tastes yummy” Montgomery said. Some dislike the fair quite a bit. “No, there are too many people, don’t like rides, lines are to long,” Sanderson said. What rides do people enjoy going on at the fair? “I went on a few rides, the Sizzler five times and the Tornado once. I went on the flying bobs and I moved it super fast and my little brother was freaking out,” Johnson said. Is everyone out there a fan of these thriller rides? “No, I haven’t gone on any of the rides. I know that is lame, but I haven’t,” said Montgomery. Did the concerts and shows make people jump for joy? “I went to Uncle Kracker. I loved the concert. It was amazing. My favorite song was ‘Follow Me’,” Montgomery said. Are fair workers generous and caring? “My grandfather ran a hot dog food stand, and I worked at his booth. We donated he money to blind people,” Sanderson said. Fair time is a time you create memories that are great and funny experiences that will last a lifetime.