Like Playing Hangman, Play with Your Friends

There’s new game going around town, the new and improved game by Zynga called Hanging With Friends. If you ever played Hangman, this game should be pretty simple. The point of the game is to have the hardest words to guess, and to guess your friends’ words. This game comes from the very popular game Words With Friends, which people still play and enjoy very much. People like playing Hanging With Friends more just because you get to guess your friend’s word, and you have to make a difficult word for your friends to guess. It usually goes on for awhile if the two of you are good at Hangman. “Words With Friends lets you in a way get more turns, whereas Hanging With Friends, you have to guess a word,” said Elyzabeth Gimarc, a junior at Dimond. People don’t like Hanging With Friends also because they don’t get as many turns as they do in Words With Friends. “It was fun at first,” but not any longer, said Rusty Porter, another junior at Dimond. He also said it was entertaining before it got old. So, all in all, people like playing the game because they get to guess words, and that makes it more difficult. Some people don’t like playing it because they don’t get as many turns as they would in Words With Friends, and they think it gets old after awhile.