Running Shorts Sprint Into Style

One of the famous trends this year is the comfortable running shorts. You can catch girls wearing them not only at Dimond High School but all around town. “I saw a girl walking down the street wearing them so I went and bought some,” says Senior Kala Jenkins. There are a variety of running shorts but when asked their favorite brand, all girls who were interviewed said Nike. “I wear them at practice because they are sweat absorbent,” says Freshman Rohyn Huss. Unlike Huss, Jenkins wears her running shorts whenever she feels like it, whether it’s when she runs out of clean leggings or if she just feels like rocking the new trend that day. “I wear them during gym and sometimes to school,” says Senior Marisa Amor. No matter how you wear them or even where you wear them, you’ll know you will feel pleasant while staying in style. “I think they are really comfy,” says Huss. Amor says, “I wear them because I like to run and they are really comfortable.” Trust that these shorts will keep you comfortable and satisfied if you ever feel like going on a run, practicing or just wearing them to school. “I think they are a great invention. They look breezy which probably feels awesome… like really awesome,” says Junior Stanson Afoa, talking about the latest trend of running shorts. Along with the assortment of brands, there are also a variety of colors. Jenkins says, “My favorite is periwinkle. I just love ‘em.” “I like the gray ones with the colors, I just like the bright colors,” says Amor. When asked her favorite color, Huss simply says, “Purple.” Although the fantastic trend of running shorts was started a year or two ago, they are still worn fashionably around the school. “I’m pretty sure everyone who wears them thinks they are cozy. They are just a satisfying way to stay comfortable even at school,” Jenkins says. Not only are running shorts worn during school to stay warm and comfy but they are worn for the reason they are made, running. Whether you plan on exercising at the gym or going on a hearty jog, you can be sure running shorts will be the great way to absorb your sweat. “I wear running shorts to the gym all the time. The sleek fabric captures the sweat perfectly,” says Jenkins.