The End of Harry Potter

The End of Harry Potter For 10 years the famous Harry Potter series and franchise has been with children, teenagers and adults alike. Now it’s all over with the final movie, which was released this last July. People all around are expressing their happiness, their sadness, their dissappointment for the end of this popular story. “It thought it was pretty good,” says Sophomore Brian Draper. “I’ve seen the other movies and I liked them as well. What I liked about the last one is that they kind of put everything together, they brought things back from the older movies and tied all the loose ends.” Many high school students have grown up with Harry Potter, in a way. People who read the books as children have had the books and movies their entire lives. Now that generation is over, so director David Yates did all he could to make an excellent climax. “I thought that it was good. It should’ve been longer because it’s the last movie” says Senior Lara Staats. There are also people who are maybe not big Harry Potter fans, but went to go see it for the fun of the movie. “Yeah, it was a good movie”, says Senior Sara Rogers. “I’m not, you know, huge in the whole Harry Potter thing like some people, but you know I’ve seen the movies and enjoyed them. The last one was particularly good because of the all the conclusions to those big story points”. In the top grossing movies in the United States, Harry Potter is currently third in the list, it recently passed “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” and “Lord of the Rings: Return of the King”, but it has yet to pass “Titanic” and “Avatar.” Is it only kids and teenagers that enjoy this phenomenon? It appears as if adults also have gotten extremely excited over this final installment of the Harry potter franchise. Although the movie was a big hit, was it satisfactory to all those who are faithful to the books? “The end was horrible. I hated it” says Junior Erik Wilcox. “They decided to go with their own ending instead of going with the one in the book”. Chemistry teacher Ms.Keller explains that she had been persuaded to read the first Harry Potter by a previous graduate of Dimond High School. Soon after that she had all seven books read. “As for the movies, I thought they stayed true to the books, I liked them (except when they jumped off a cliff in that last one). I like movies that stay true to the books” Kell