Angry Birds, Best Game Ever

Finally after all my searching I found a free app to download to my IPhone that is very entertaining and never gets old. Angry Birds, in my opinion, is the most fun game I have on my phone. “Angry Birds is a lot like life. Challenges can be met with use of resources and strengths provided by individuals to accomplish a goal.” Said my dad Bret Mason. He is correct, in Angry Birds each level is a challenge to beat. There is a lot of strategy to the game, but also there is skill required. You can download it by going to the app store and looking up the name and proceeding with your check out. Once you have it you will start the first mission which is called “Poached Eggs,” and in that mission there are 21 levels you will have to complete until you can move to the second mission “Mighty Hoax,” and so on. You complete a level by sling shooting birds over a gap towards a structure in order to destroy green pig heads. As you get further and further through the game the levels get harder, but you also get different birds with different powers and features. Some are better than others. So far I have had a little red bird that just gets tossed by the slingshot and doesn’t do much. After the red one comes a tiny blue bird that if you touch the screen in mid flight it turns into three little blue birds. The next one is a yellow triangular bird, when you toss it and touch the screen it’s like giving the bird nitrous oxide. There is one shaped like a bomb and it does exactly what you’d expect, the bird blows up when it has landed in or around the structure. Next is a bird shaped like a big egg and when you send it fling and touch the screen it shoots and egg directly down destroying what’s below. Last but not least is a toucan that acts like a boomerang when you touch the screen. Each level gives you some of these birds in a different order and you complete a level by eliminating all the green head pigs using the birds they give you. If you don’t then you have to restart. Many people play Angry Birds on their cellular device and if they don’t they know of it. People also have different perspectives of the game “ I don’t like the game cause it’s stupid.” said Solomon Mabry. That’s not my view of the game. I agree more with what Ben Heafer said, “I like Angry Birds because birds are flying everywhere. That’s not only provocative, but also pretty kinky.”