Getting to know our freshmen; In Depth Study

Dimond’s freshmen are looking forward to an eventful year. “I’m looking forward to Homecoming and the other dances,” said Dominick Sipili earlier in the school year. Freshman Tia Lowe said, “I love dressing up for the spirit days,” Even though the year has just started , there are so many extracurricular activities that the freshmen take a huge part in. “My favorite game was against West because I scored two touchdowns and it was the most exciting game we’ve played so far,” said Rocky Vasai, a player on the Football C team. “My favorite game was against Chugiak because it was an exciting game and we pulled together in the end to win,” said Allie McDonell, a freshman setter on the Volleyball C team. The new up-and-coming freshmen have set very high goals for themselves this year. Isaiah Pili said, “This year, my goal is to get better grades.” When asked what they like most about being in high school, Allie McDonell said, “Everything’s better.” Pili said, ”The sports are way more competitive and it’s a lot of fun.” Lowe said, “World History with Mrs. Anderson is my favorite class because I have it with Allie McDonell and Tommy Sean.” This year’s freshmen are excited about the many classes available to them here at Dimond High. Eddy Young said, “My favorite class is weight training because I love working out and staying in shape.”