Lanyard: Do you Have One?

Almost every time you see someone pull out their keys, no matter if they are for a house, a car, or even a bike lock, they are usually attached to a lanyard. People have all different kinds of lanyards, with all different kinds of designs and patterns on them. They can range from thick, to thin, from rope, to string and even to beads. They have patterns like drink logos, sports teams, cars, stripes, solid colors, and other miscellaneous patterns. “I have like seven lanyards,” says Dimond Junior Jake Davis. Davis takes pride in his lanyards and has many of them. “Yeah, I have one for every day of the week. I believe that people should take pride in their lanyards and the way there keys look because I think that the condition of my lanyard is closely related to the condition of my whip,” says Davis. Whip is a term that is used mostly by people with nice trucks, and it means car/ truck. A few years ago, not many people knew much about lanyards, and they were not very popular, especially in high schools. Now, high schools are full of them. You can barely walk through a high school without seeing kids holding or spinning their lanyards. One thing that is very popular, especially by high school students, is spinning their keys on their lanyards. People have tricks and games they play with there lanyards such as spinning them on individual fingers, tossing them to each other, dropping them off ledges to each other, and seeing how close they can get them to each other’s face. “I spin my keys on my fingers all the time. I even play games sometimes with friends and our lanyards. I don’t even notice when I’m spinning it anymore. It’s weird though because I never hit anyone, even though I do come close sometimes,” says Junior Sean Kordewick. Some people get annoyed from people spinning their keys because they feel that they will get hit in the face eventually. “I know that they think they won’t hit anyone, but I’ve been hit in the face at least three times by people who aren’t even paying attention,” says Amy Andresen, a junior. “I have it under control, I’ve never hit anyone with my lanyard and I am confident that I never will,” said Junior Ben Heafer, Junior.