Homecoming: How Did It Stack Up to Past?

Homecoming at Dimond has finally wrapped up. Filled with a new Homecoming court, new regulations and a new feel to the dance, how did this most recent Homecoming stack up to past dances? “The dance itself was very successful,” Lem Wheeles, Student Government coordinator says. “The students who did the decorations did a really good job, I thought.” More than 800 students bought tickets to the fall dance, which is just under the turnout for last year. Homecoming week was also a success. The freshman theme was rock, the sophomores had reggae, the juniors country and the senior wrapped things up with hip-hop. The presentation of the floats at Dimonds homecoming game against East was done a little differently than usual. “Instead of just riding around and taking all week to build the floats and roughly a minute for the crowd to see them, this year the students did a short dance and had music to go along,” Wheeles said. Ashton Bare, a junior, said this about the dance: “It was okay. [It seemed like] a lot of people got kicked out and that’s pretty much when I decided to leave as well.” “People are still going to do what they want to do. I think we should go back to the old rules [of the dances],” said Stephanie Brenner, a senior. It seemed like the common consensus amongst students was that the dance was fun, but there are too many rules being placed that water down the fun they’re able to have at dance. “People like to spite the rules,” Courtney Beach, a junior, said. “Maybe if the rules weren’t as harsh then people wouldn’t feel the need to go against them.” The new rule implemented was that students kicked out of the dance would not be allowed at the next dance. This created the illusion that there were huge changes that prevented students from being able to dance the way they wanted to. In reality, the dance was regulated the same way as homecoming in 2010. There were no drug or alcohol suspensions, and only six students were kicked out and are not allowed at Crystal Ball due to inappropriate dancing, Wheeles said. Homecoming princesses this year were Maddy Afusia, Jessi Brewer, Shea Christianson, Kristi Lauwers, Devan Mandregan, Alexis Rogers and Brea Walker. The Princes were Luke Adams, Ronell Corral, Aaron Dunlap, Ryden Hines, Travis Marrit, Austin Portch, Daniel Roberts and Nathan Stephens. Voting for Homecoming King and Queen was done all week, and by the end of the final tally, Seniors Ronell Corral and Devan Mandregan were crowned King and Queen of Homecoming court. As for the rest of Dimond, expect to see possible spirit week changes, and social events to help get students together and form a bond amongst classmates.