Social Networking Websites More Popular Than Ever

Social networking websites: we all use them. And now they are more popular than ever. With the likes of Facebook and Twitter on the rise, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have at least one online account nowadays. Junior Selah Robinson said, “I like Facebook because it is easy to use, I like the privacy settings, and how you can vary it.” People love Facebook for all different reasons. Senior Melissa Kapelari said, “It’s really easy to contact people.” Robinson added, “It makes it easier to get ahold of people who don’t answer their phone or have it lost or taken away.” As more and more people start to use Facebook, users are starting to become addicted. Junior Bee Bunjit, said, “I log on to Facebook at least once an hour.” But as Facebook rises, what is happening to other social networking websites? When asked what she thought about the fall of MySpace, Kapelari said, “MySpace got way too confusing, it was super slow and it virused everyone’s computer. Facebook is just easier to use.” Bunjit said, “The thing about social networking sites is that there will always be a new one to come along. One day Facebook is probably going to be replaced by a new website.” Adding to Bunjit’s statement, Robinson added, “Facebook is like an improved MySpace. It has more options and is a more ‘mature’ MySpace.” But why is Facebook the website of choice? Kapelari said, “I don’t really like Twitter. I have an account, but I’ve never really be adamant about using it.” Although people do love using Facebook, it still does have its downsides. “I dislike that it causes a lot of drama. I also dislike that it always distracts me from my homework,” said Robinson. Bunjit also agreed with this statement, explaining that, “Facebook always makes me procrastinate. I can never finish my homework because of it.” Although Facebook is a fast way to connect with friends and family, what effect does it have on society? “It’s too popular. People get addicted to in instead of having actual human interaction,” said Kapelari. Robinson said, “I think it can spread news fast and good things going on in the world, but it also has negative effects like cyberbullying and a lot of drama.” Bunjit adds, “The bad thing about Facebook is that it makes people less likely to bother having face-to-face conversations.” “There is a Facebook share button on every website now. It’s taking over the world,” said Kapelari.