Riflery Team Is Undefeated

Dimond High School Riflery has gone on as it has for the past two years: victorious and undefeated. “The Dimond High Riflery team has been undefeated for a long time,” says Chris Alverson, Riflery Captain. “We don’t have much to worry about competition wise, but we always keep our guard up for the upcoming meets”. Branden Kroon, another riflery participant, makes a huge announcement. “Mr. [Jason] Ott, our Riflery coach, returned from serving in Afghanistan this year. It’s really good to have him back. He’s just a really cool dude, and we’re all really excited to have him back.” Other participants talked about the trip that a few students went on for Riflery. “It was an amazing learning experience, and we could tell their shots were more accurate when they returned,” they said.