Back Stairways Are Like Saunas

There are a few places in Dimond High School that are almost or even hot enough to feel like saunas. Two of these places are the stairwells in the back of A hall and B hall. Some of the students in Dimond High School like the heat, but most of them do not. “The stairwells in A Hall and B Hall are hot, but they are not terrible if you hurry through them,” said Jake Patterson a Dimond senio r. Students may think it’s too hot, but many do not understand that they can’t open the doors and leave them open because it is a fire hazard. “I only like the heat when it is the middle of dead winter and very cold outside,” said Anthony Devan Tobuk a former Dimond senior who has moved to Nome. “I do not like the heat at all. It is way too hot,” said Cyler Green, also a senior. Sometimes the stairwells begin to stink, and almost everyone notices the smell. “The stairwells are way too hot, which makes the heat smell bad,” said Senior Blake Baltierra. “The stairwells are way too hot so I do not use them,” said Senior Christian Ruben Perez. Many students avoid the stairwells because of the heat is unbearable. But when it begins to get freezing cold, the heat is a good thing so students can warm up. “Yes, I avoid the A Hall and B Hall stairwells as much as I can, but I do use them if I am running late,” said Baltierra. “No I do not avoid them because it feels good in there,” said Tobuk . Patterson said, “I still try and avoid them but I still use them lot,” while Perez said, “Yeah, I avoid the stairwells because of the heat and my classes are not near them.” Green said, “No, I do not avoid the stairwells because it is the fastest way to get to class.” There are many ideas that students have thought of to help cool down the stairwells. “I would not try to cool them down because I like it in them,” said Tobuk. “I would put windows that open and leave them open to keep it cool,” said Baltierra. It would be nice to keep the doors open but it would let too much cold air in the winter and it could be a fire hazard. “If I were to cool them I would leave the doors open to create a draft,” said Perez. “I would put in a coolant system in there to cool it down,” said Green. “I think fans need to be installed to give a breeze through there,” said Patterson.