JROTC, the Patriots of Dimond

JROTC member Michaela Hendricks is a freshman in the JROTC at Dimond. She offered a generalization of a few events occurring within the club. Awards night was conducted Sept. 26 where Cadets went and received personal awards for their accomplishments during the first few months of school. Also, their first uniform inspection took place that night. Cadets attended a camp over a weekend where they spent a few days isolated to be able to do studies on things such as survival and to become aware of some of the important dress codes and need-to-know rules enforced in the Dimond JROTC Aside from a few classroom studies and marching drills practiced, the JROTC cadets must also meet a requirement of five hours of community service at the end of each quarter. Other than the first event, the JROTC are basically just getting revved up having to accommodate their newer cadets and get them accustomed to the rules and practices.