Student V. Homework Standoff

The common feud present in almost every American student’s school life is that with homework. The common student usually has anti-homework views, but occasionally one might come across the student who has achieved solace in the ways of making peace with homework. Personally, I have had and settled my qualms with homework, and wish to present my opinion on the matter. I may even have an effective solution to help those who resent homework. I believe the homework loads given are reasonable and can be completed even with a busy athletic or work schedule. A majority of students I talked to mostly agreed that homework was a great burden and stress factor when trying to juggle after school activities or a job, but what I saw was that these same people spent a good amount of time “vegging,” or doing things such as watching TV or playing video games. If that were cut down to a reasonable size, and the time cut were put toward homework and studies, the burden, in my eyes, would greatly diminish. I have done this, and have regulated a happy medium between the classic yin and yang , which in this instance is work and play. The solution to those who don’t “veg” and still are struggling with homework can be to come to school an hour or hour-and-a-half early to school in the morning to catch up on all they need to before the day starts. I find this to be a gracious solution, and all that is needed is they commitment to open the school slightly earlier than usual to be able to accommodate those who wish to take full effect. To get the opinions of other Dimond students, the question was posed to them plainly: “Do you find homework manageable?” “I think there is way too much homework given. It can be so stressful to be able to cope with a few projects at a time and still have to go to hockey practice right afterward,” said Tyler Dunn, a freshman. “Homework seems manageable to me,” says Spencer Penman, a freshman. “I am able to finish it without many issues even with hockey practices mixed in the loop.” There were many different views on why homework seems oppressive at times when it piles up, but others, even with time consuming commitments, found the fine line to walk on to be able to juggle multiple responsibilities and even sneak in time to relax amidst all the responsibilities. “Yeah, I don’t mind homework. I much prefer it over a lengthier school day. That’s for sure. My parents always tell me that in a way the acrobatics of handling all the different projects and still be a student athlete will help out a lot when I’m on my own in college, and out in the real world,” said Penman.