Halloween Costumes 2011

Halloween Costumes 2011 Halloween has finally arrived, and both Dimond High students and trachers find themselves being extremely festive with costumes. Students roam the halls wearing spooky and ghoulish costumes, while teachers spooke their students as they come in to class. “I actually made this staff,” says Graham Vaughn, a teacher in Dimond’s Engineering House, dressed as an extremely believable wizard with a glowing staff. “Never underestimate the power of LEDs and engineering,” he says. Many students, such as Ryan Watson, a senior were dressed as superheros. “I am Batman,” he says in a dark, gravelly voice. Branden Kroon, a juior says “There were some very strange costumes being brought to school. Usually the girls use Halloween to look more “attractive” but this year wasn’t too bad.” Andy Manka, a senior, also had a few comments on Halloween costumes. “Some of the costumes this year were quite impressive. It’s not every day you walk past giant robots and wizards in the hall,” he says. “The giant chicken scared me. Other than that, I think the costumes were really creative,” says Junior, Jerrick Ledike. “Overall, I thought it was a successful experience packed with fun and good times,” says Senior, Patrick Nagel. For the first time in many years, Dimond High School had a legitimate celebration of Halloween, and most of the staff and students found it to be both fun and successful.