Redbull Italian Sodas: Whip or No Whip?

Lately the halls of Dimond have been filled with both girls and guys holding the newest beverage-trend around Anchorage. This new trend has all of the components teenagers love; it’s delicious, not so nutritious and quite affordable. This new trend is known as a Redbull Italian soda. It is the same as a regular Italian soda except for the fact that it has Redbull in it instead of Club Soda. You can also get them with shots of one, two or three flavors. Sophomore Kirsten Moore says she, “usually gets cherry flavored because it mixes well with the flavor of the Redbull.” The most common flavors for people to get are cherry, raspberry and occasionally strawberry. However, some brave people try more exotic flavors, such as Juliano Flores, a junior who says that he enjoys “trying a multitude of exotic flavors like pineapple, coconut, and mango spice.” Moore says that she also enjoys trying weird flavors like green apple. Other people, such as Sophomore Olivia Hankinson, are more original. She admits that she “pretty much only tries flavors like raspberry or strawberry.” Almost all of the students at Dimond go to Java-the-Hut, which is right down the road, to get their supply of the delicious new drink. Although Java is the most popular coffee joint, Coffee Smiths is also a well-known place to get Redbull Italian sodas. Some people even buy the ingredients and make them at home. Amanda Amodemo, a junior says, “I like them better when I get them from Java, but making them at home is nice when I want them right away.” Keenan Vonbirgelen, a freshman, has the exact opposite opinion and says that he likes them better when he makes them himself. He also mentioned that he “will be on the food network someday” for making Redbull Italian sodas from home. There’s also another choice one would have to make when ordering a Redbull Italian soda: Whip or no whip? Hankinson admits that, “getting whip cream ruins the already delicious atmosphere created by mixing the Redbull and flavoring together.” However, Flores has a different opinion. He says that when he orders a Redbull Italian soda he even asks for extra whipped cream. On average Yuhwa Hu, a sophomore, will get them twice a week. She says that she only drinks them in the morning to “get rid of the morning fatigue.” Ben Stevens, also a sophomore, agrees with Hu on this situation. He mentioned that he likes the energy boost that the Redbull Italian soda gives him. Many students have mentioned that this drink is perfect to buy during lunch because it gives them just the boost they need to get through the day. Mackenzie French, a sophomore, mentioned that “School work makes me so tired throughout the day so I look forward to a Redbull Italian soda all day until I’m able to buy one.”