Senior Wrap Up

Layla Lawson Senior Wrap Up Could you imagine having four more years again? Seniors are almost half way through their Senior year. Are you curious when our senior shirts will be in? “Not really.” It’s not that big of a deal, Senior Jorden Higgins says. Some people are still working on getting cap and gown information in. “Um, I still need to turn my paper in,” Monica Repuya says. Does everyone want a senior ring to remind them of their past years? “I’m going to because I think it would be cool to have a senior ring,” Repuya says. Have the prices of senior rings changed over the years? “They are about the same,” Senior Class sponsor Michelle Nurmi says. You are always able to order them years down the road if you want one, she said. Seniors’ caps and gowns are “distributed at the spring senior meeting the week of testing,” Nurmi said. Shirts were expected before Winter Vacation. Devan Mandregan was the winner of the logo contest for the shirts, Nurmi said. Are people excited to graduate and move on to their life as adults? “Yes, because 12 years of school is enough,” Higgins says. Some, however, aren’t ready for high school to be over. “No, I don’t want high school to be over yet,”Repuya said. Are you wondering when, where and what time seniors graduate? The answer is: Sullivan Arena, May 7, at 7 p.m. Did you know seniors get to choose their speakers for graduation? “Students choose an honor speaker, student speaker, and faculty” at the spring meeting, Nurmi says.