“Thanksgiving is the day of giving thanks for what we have,” said Junior Jenning Ko. “We give thanks for all we have such as our food and our lives,” he said with passion. “We celebrate our Thanksgiving with dinner with the family,” said Junior Maria Victa. “We usually eat turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, and pumpkin pie. We eat with our good friends and family. Before we eat, we pray to God for everything.” Maria has a religious family. “Thanksgiving is important to me because it tells the history of the Pilgrim,” said Junior Steven Salvador. “This is my second favorite holiday because of the the sales the next day. This day is called Black Friday.” “Black Friday is a day full of sales. I always buy the newest things for a cheap price,” said Junior Bashkim Hetemi. “I always buy new games, shoes, and clothing. Now that I have a job, I can buy much more stuff. I love it when the price is more than 60 percent.” Black Friday is a day when everything is on sale. People say that it is a “good day to buy Christmas gifts.” “Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday beause of the intense sales at the mall,” said Junior Hailey Fanning. “I spent over $500 on just clothing!” She is a very fashionable person. “That is the only reason why I like Thanksgiving, but I do not celebrate the holiday.” Some people know the meaning of the Thanksgiving and some people do not. “Thanksgiving is the celebration of the day when the Indians and the Pilgrims came together for a peaceful feast,” said Junior Justine Hong. “I believe that Thanksgiving is the day to give thanks to God and for all that he has done,” said Junior Emilee Rogers. “I celebrate Thanksgiving to eat a lot of food,” said Junior Patrick Rogers the brother of Emilee Rogers. “I do not really believe in much of religion. I believe in science more than anything. I do not believe in things such as magic. The Big Bang Theory makes more sense to me.” “I do not believe in God, so when people say that Thanksgiving is meant to give thanks to God, I do not know how to react to them. All I do is agree with them because I do not know how to react to them,” said Junior Payton Johnson.