Music Club

Onyx Bishop and Layla Lawson 16 November 2011 Music Club Unfortunately in 2005 Music Club faded away. It was for anyone who wanted to better themselves in music and gather to make more friends who are all interested in music. All music groups and instruments were includede in this music club. “It is more geared towards instruments and shouldn’t be only limited to that,” said Band teacher Jason Edwards. After an old choir teacher retired that’s when music club really started dying down. “I started teaching in 2004 and it was going for a few years before it ended in 2005 when the old choir teacher left,” said Mr. Edwards. If music club were to happen again it would be to have kids who wanted to be more passionate about playing their instrument and wanted to play more with other kids and groups. “Their main focus was Battle of the Bands,” said Mr. Edwards. Starting this club again would need more kids who want to play and talk about instruments, bands and singers and really want to be in this club and keep it going for a long time. If kids are interested in starting this club again Edwards would consider directing and sponsoring who ever wants to be involved.