What’s Happening in Drama Club?

Now that the “Jungle Book” is over Drama Club is “focusing on the next play and our next endeavors we take on,” said Drama Club President Amanda Boger. “And we are still working on participation and getting the word out about Drama Club,” she goes on to say. Boger said the best part of the process of setting up a play is the rehearsals because every day you learn something new. The play was a success, says Boger. “The goal was to raise money and advertise to children,” she said. There was a large audience of mostly children. The money raised from the play goes towards the next play. The money not needed goes to the small group of students that are going to Scotland. Boger was asked if everyone had fun. She said, “Yes, everyone had a great time. [The play] is such a wonderful experience. Everyone who did the “Jungle Book” came out wanting more. Generally we are a happy, fun-loving group.” The next play is “Charlie Cox Runs with Scissors.” It is a dramatic comedy. Boger said she is looking forward to the next play. Drama Club generally meets once a month. Every year Dimond presents three plays and Dimond Night Live (DNL).