The wait for skiing is over!

The skiing season has arrived and Alaska’s winter athletes are more excited than ever. Several skiers have given their input on the season and have announced their opinions about the new Alyeska run, newly accquired gear, skiing resorts and goals for the season. Emily Rom, junior had several things to say. “What can I say, I’m a ski bum!” she states. “This year I got some AT bindings for my skis. I rode them already and there is an instant security difference. Like I said before, I’m a ski bum so I plan on skiing all day, every day. “Whenever I have free time you will definitely see me on the mountain. I plan on skiing mainly Alyeska but I’m also going to Fairbanks. I’m so psyched for the new run on Alyeska, and I’m also psyched for the season,” she said. Jenny Martens, a senior, says, “The goal for this year is to go down New Year’s at Alyeska. I’ve never done it before, but I know that this year is the year. I plan on going a lot, and I’m totally stoked for the new run.” Chrisi Lawyers, a senior, says, “This year, I got some new earmuffs! I’m really excited to try them out at Alyeska and this year my goal is not to cry! Every time I’ve gone I always cry, and this year it’s not happening. Other than that, I’m pumped for the new run at Alyeska. Can’t wait to try it out.” Erik Wilcox, a junior says, “My goals this year are to get down a 360, and a backflip. I would love to go 20 times but I don’t know if that will actually work out or not. I’m hoping to buy some new skis this year, and I’m excited to rip it up!” Lastly, Branden Kroon, a junior, had several things to talk about. “I got all kinds of new equipment this year, including some new Oakley Snowpants and a new Audio helment. The goals for this year is to do a 540, a backflip and a frontflip. I plan on skiing thirty times this year. I’m going to Alyeska this year and I’m also going to hit up Breckenridge on a ski trip. I’m really excited!” Alaskan skiers are extremely excited for the ski season, the new run at Alyeska, the goals they will check off the skiing list and the gear that they will soon get to try out. It’s a good season for Dimond skiers.