Hello Kitty: Love It, or Hate It?

“In the beginning Hello Kitty, did not have a name,” said BeCoolGal from the online website hellokittyworld.com. Hello Kitty started in 1974 and became popular in Japan because of its cute design. So is Hello Kitty popular at Dimond High School? Not at all. “I don’t really care for it,” said Ruby Nolasco, a junior at Dimond. “It’s not my thing, feels like it’s for ten-year-olds,” said Lily Milendez, also a junior “Don’t see a point to it,” said Junior Shalane Sanchez. Many people at Dimond have Hello Kitty products, but the majority interviewed gave it a thumbs down. When asked what ages are best for Hello kitty, Sanchez answered, “It should be for everyone!” Some students at Dimond think that though Hello Kitty isn’t their thing, they make excellent birthday gifts for their friends who do like them. The Hello Kitty wallet was the first Hello Kitty product to ever be released. This product is sold in many areas around America, only few have this product here at Dimond. “When I saw this item I knew I had to get it for myself,” said an amazon.com reviewer. “The wallet is super cute,” said another reviewer, also from amazon. Pop Cult said, “There are currently 22,000 Hello Kitty products on the market.” “Hello Kitty somehow touches upon a archetype one of the unconscious human desires just about everyone shares.” There are a few major Hello Kitty lovers here at Dimond, and anyone can easily tell who they are f rom their Hello Kitty bows, backpacks and phone covers, to their cute Hello Kitty socks. Hello Kitty is doing fairly well selling us their products, and it doesn’t seem they’ll be stopping anytime soon. Sahrio Scales (the company that owns Hello Kitty products) makes over $1 million on Hello Kitty products alone. Doesn’t seem like Hello Kittys popularity is going to stop anytime soon. “I use to like Hello Kitty when I was 10,” said Milendez. This statement was repeated in most interviews. Most high school students said they grew out of the Hello Kitty stage where some stayed and kept the Hello Kitty name going. Hello Kitty is loved and hated by many, and it goes to show the differences in personalities and styles at Dimond. Some kids like how cute Hello Kitty is and them wearing Hello Kitty can express themselves. Many kids that don’t like Hello Kitty are interested in different things. Like Milendez for instance, “Transformers are cool, and they save the world!” She said excitedly. Hello Kitty is another trend that many people can get in to. Luckily, everyone has the privilege to express themselves at Dimond and though other trends don’t appeal to other people Dimond students are mostly okay with what other kids do to show who they are.