Mission’s Impossible

“There is no mission impossible for the Dimond Lynx,” said Cullen Lickingteller.“However unrealistic the movie is, the value of it lies in the agent overcoming great obsticles, tribulations, and trials by fire, to achieve his lofty goals. This mimicks the very same sprit that rests in every Dimond Lynx.”Though he has not seen the new movie, he still has an idea of a mastermind. “I like the movie,” said Junior Carlos Bosques. “I did like the new actor who played as the very hot chick. I didn’t like the new guy because he is in too many movies now, but he did play the perfect part in the movie. When he is serious, he can make a big shift in any movie. So he played the perfect part when he explained when he was there when he could not protect Ethan Hunt’s wife.” Paula Patton was the one of the two female stars in the movie. She was played the perfect role in the movie. Jeremy Renner has lately been in a few shows such as The Town and The Unusuals. “Nothing is impossible for a man with good hair. Tom Cruise has such dashing hair and can do anything,” said Junior Emilee Rogers. “Too bad this might be the last Mission Impossible movie.” Who said it so depressingly. “I think it would be a good movie, if there was more action,” said Junior Steven Salvador. “The older movies had more action in it then this one, but I do like how they made the final fight in the parking garage.” The final fight in the movie was one of the most intense fights in the movie. This fight leads up to the sad ending for agent Ethan Hunt. “I cried in the very end of the movie because it was sad,” said Junior Hailey Fanning. “To give up someone you love for so many years to keep them safe. That is the most romantic thing you can ever do to a woman. Then when Ethan and his wife caught eye contact, I thought it was so sad that Ethan walked away like it was nothing.” The life of Ethan Hunt is nothing, but danger. This dangerous, exciting movie will keep you on the edge of the seat. “Even the opening was amazing,” said Junior Geoff Chaney. “It was pretty epic seeing the prisoners get owned by Ethan. Then how the dynamite’s line was being burned through every floor of the building and showing all the cast.” This movie is recommended by many people and was a great way to end the Mission Impossible.