Valentine’s Day is Trashed

No matter what kind of person you are, Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that every sane one dreads. When you go into the grocery store, all you see during the end of January and beginning to the February is pink, red, and white sentimental items that no one necessarily needs. Everyone just wants some chocolate they can devour. Unlike some holidays such as Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day is on the same day every year: February 14th. It seems like this day is perfectly suited for the happy couples. In elementary school, kids would bring little boxes with Sweethearts, and would distribute them to the whole class. It used to be one of the days that I thoroughly enjoyed, until couples began popping up everywhere I looked. When you are walking down the halls on Valentine’s Day, I can guarantee that you will see couples being super sentimental and very lovey-dovey. “Valentine’s Day is a day that I get to eat chocolate, so that’s why I like it,” said Shannon Petersen, a senior. I’m not going to lie, chocolate is quite delicious if it is not dipped in guilt as you are eating it from a “caring” sender. After sending a glare to the couples in the halls, I finally remember why I hate this day so much. Every year, I have not been in a relationship, which can really hurt a guy’s self-esteem. Maybe it is time to try and change this? Isabel Mills, a junior, said, “It’s good if you are not single.” Backing up my point, I realize that there are many sites in aiding troubled hearts such as eHarmony, or Never will I ever stoop to the levels of a dating site in being matched to a complete stranger. After Valentine’s Day is over and done with, I am relieved until something about love pops up on the television screen. Not only did Valentine’s Day originate as an intimate day between companions, but it also was a religious holiday. In this present day, I bet that over 70 percent of the high school population only likes this day for the chocolate. “[Valentine’s Day] is the day where everyone gets fat from chocolate,” said Emily Goodrum, a junior. Junior Maddie Bee said, “Chocolate.” As self explanatory as these are, everyone needs to realize that Valentine’s Day is not only about love towards intimate relationships. Like in our elementary school days, Katie Owen, a senior, said, “This day is also a day for showing friends that you care about them, and is not only for couples.” On social media, you will notice some relationship status wavering between “single” and “in a relationship.” Not only is breaking up with someone a hard thing to do, you can make it a little bit easier on the recipient by not breaking up with them on Valentine’s Day. As you can see, the day of hearts and roses is obviously just a simple, contorted day to make single people feel more lonely than they really are.