Valentine’s Day; Yay or Nay?

Natalyne Tes Mrs. Norsworthy Period 6 Journalism 2 February 2012 Valentine’s Day; Yay Or Nay? Out of all the months in a year, February is month of extreme love or pitiful loneliness and utter despair. Every single person on this planet has a opinion about this single holiday that will either put a chocolate mustache smile over your face or do the exact opposite. My personal view on this romantic day is practically nonexistent. I think this day is about love, which appears in different forms. For example, love for family members, pets, friends, and or random people on the street. People, especially teenagers, look on this day with a expression of concern and anxiety. They forget that you do not need a boyfriend or girlfriend to enjoy this holiday. One tradition that my cousins and I enjoy during this joyous day is movie marathons, preferably horror type films. We sit back and relax to watch a perfectly cheesy scary movie where every person who goes to check on “that noise coming from downstairs” coincidentally dies. For some reason the stupidity of it all brings smiles to our faces. After this we usually watch sappy, cliche “chick flicks”. Every little girls maps out there perfect date of romance. The one with the perfect guy who has a great smile and smells faintly of mint gum and body spray. And every single day of our lives, our friends tell us that one day we’ll find that guy. I am a true romantic but I do not believe in love at first sight only lust. I enjoy this holiday with family and friends so every year I look forward to the free chocolate and teddy bears. Sophmore Taliyah Edwards said,” I like Valentine’s Day because of the candy. I, personally, would rather get candy rather than flowers because flowers die and chocolate lasts a lifetime.” She went to say that her favorite candy is Hershey Kisses and that her favorite romance movie is The Notebook, which is a Valentine’s Day classic. ‘On the say of love, I wouldn’t mine a huge pink sign on my car that says ‘Be Mine’. I think would be really cute,” Edwards said. “My true and honest opinion about this day is that I neither love or hate it,” she said. For this story I wanted to get a opinion from the opposite sex. Senior, Brian Lewis said,” I like Valentine’s Day because people in relationships are happy and people not in relationships are not happy so you can get with them and make them happy.” Every person’s opinion about this holiday really interests me because there are a plethora of feelings harbored inside. So this Valentine’s Day, eat all the chocolate you can and enjoy with people who surround you with the feeling of love, which is what this month is all about.