What do Freshman Skiers have to Say about Cross Country Skiing?

Ski practice is right after school every school day until five, Coach Nate Normandin said. The ski team does not practice at Dimond because the snow is not groomed and it cost too much money. “I needed another sport to keep me active during the off season of [cross- country] running,” Trent Hodson, freshman, said. Freshman Maria Ramirez has the same thoughts as Hodson. “I needed a sport to do during winter.” Janelle Owen, also a freshman, said she joined cross-country skiing because, “It is a sport that I am familiar and comfortable with!” “I plan to do [cross-country skiing] next year. This is my first year ever cross-country skiing. It would be great if I did this more because I’m having fun and I’m competitive,” said Hodson. Freshman Emily Carey said she is glad she joined because, “It has helped me advance my skills.” “Sometimes [we do] circuits on Monday in the old gym. We skate ski two days and classic ski the other two days,” said Hodson, “we do long-distance skis.” “We take a bus to Kincaid or Service,” said Ramirez. Girls and boys practice together, but they race separately, Ramirez said. Carey said there are JV and Varsity teams, “But there can only be so many people per team so the rest go on what we call ‘open’.” “[We have meets] almost every weekend,” said Carey, “We do a warm-up ski before every race. Then, during the race we push ourselves to go, go, go up the hills and down the hills and be the best we can be.” “Even if you can’t ski [I recommend you to join cross-country skiing] because it is about learning new techniques and meeting people that like the same thing that you do,” said Carey. Ramirez said, “Sure [I recommend you to join cross-country skiing] if you’re willing to commit.” “I like skiing because it helps clear the mind and the group of people there are very encouraging,” said Carey. “It is and always will be a great sport to join. No matter how many times you fall you can always get back up on your feet and fly. “[Flying] is how it feels to go cross country skiing. You always want to keep going!” Carey said. Freshman Lilly Bee and Junior Megan Johnson are co-managers of Dimond cross-country skiing. Bee said, “[We] help with whatever the coach needs help with and I help at the meets. I also help and participate in their dry land up in the old weight room. I help set up the stations.” “I would [be manager again]. The team is so nice and they work hard,” Bee said. Bee said, “My favorite part of manager is cheering people on at the meets and participating in their dry land workouts in the old weight room. I don’t have a lease favorite. Being manager is fun!” “While everyone is practicing, Megan and I sometimes make locker signs before meets,” said Bee. “One time Emily wiped out in front of me when we were going down a hill and I started laughing and ended up whipping out too,” Ramirez said.