Hipsters Stray From Mainstream

A new subculture is sweeping the nation and this rapidly growing breed of species is known as “the hipster.” According to Wikipedia, hipsters, also known as scenesters, are a clique made up of young people who are interested in digressing from the norms of today’s modern society. Being a hipster is about wanting to stray from everything that is too mainstream about our modern era. Hipsters strongly dislike most mainstream interests like mainstream music, clothing brands and other activities or hobbies. Most hipsters have a strong passion for music and they mostly dislike hip hop and rap music, as it is widely listened to by a large part of the population. Sophomore Henry Burnett said, “I view myself as being somewhat of a hipster. I am into a lot of things that are not really mainstream. I really dislike any mainstream music, especially hip hop. I like mostly electronic, dance, house and dubstep music. I also tend to stay away from wearing mainstream clothing, so I guess I would probably fall into the category of being a hipster.” Another thing that hipsters also dislike are mainstream clothes brands such as American Eagle, Aeropostale, Abercrombie and Fitch, etc. Hipsters mainly use organic products like organic clothing known as hemp clothing, which is 100% organic. They also use hemp lotion, which is also made out of organic materials. In the film industry, hipsters usually tend to favor the low budget independent films over other huge blockbuster films in an attempt to digress from the majority of society. Hipsters are just one of the many cliques throughout our society and it is gaining popularity at a steady rate. Sophomore Zen Stephens said, “I do not really view myself as being a hipster of sorts. I guess I have some views that most people would consider being ‘hipsterish’ like how I dress and some of the music that I listen to, but I don’t really dislike mainstream material out there. If anything, I would say I am a mainstream person with hipster opinions and views.” Being a hipster has rapidly spread throughout America and you can usually find multiple groups of hipsters in each school. Here at Dimond, you can easily spot hipsters amongst the crowd of students teeming in the halls. So many people are becoming hipsters nowadays, one might think that being a hipster is becoming mainstream too. Hipsters have been growing with popularity among our society and soon they might become too popular to the point where their lifestyle might be viewed as too mainstream.