Struck By Cupid’s Arrow

Love is in the air this month as the Valentine’s spirit is being spread amongst many people at Dimond High School There are a myriad of opinions that people share about Valentine’s Day. I have found that most people have similar opinions here at Dimond. Many are against Valentine’s Day, while other people are for it depending on their current relationship status. I have often found that people only really appreciate Valentine’s Day if they have somebody special to celebrate it with. Freshman Colin O’Hare said, “I always like Valentine’s Day, and it’s always a nice time of the year to celebrate, but I really only like celebrating it if I have somebody to spend it with. I’m really glad that I have a girlfriend right now so that I won’t be feeling alone by the time Valentine’s Day comes around. I just really like the feeling of having somebody special to do something for on Valentine’s Day and it makes me feel really good about myself.” People against Valentine’s Day, on the other hand, feel a strong distaste for it for numerous reasons. Perhaps the largest reason for going against Valentine’s Day would be the lack of having a boyfriend or girlfriend to spend it with. Freshman Holly Blevins said, “I really like Valentine’s Day and I think it could be really fun to spend with somebody, but I don’t have a boyfriend to spend it with. I still like the fact that everything is pink and decorated to look all romantic, but I just want to be able to share the feeling that so many other people are sharing with their boyfriends or girlfriends. Maybe next year will be different and I will be able to view Valentine’s Day in a romantic way when I could have somebody to share it with.” Whether you are for or against Valentine’s Day, there is always one thing about Valentine’s Day that everybody appreciates: candy. Everybody loves consuming great, heaping mounds of candy wrapped in pink foil and shaped like hearts. Sophomore Karl Rodvik said, “I absolutely love getting candy from people on Valentine’s Day! My favorite Valentine’s Day candy is definitely all of the chocolate that I receive from others. In my opinion, I don’t really need anybody to make me happy on Valentine’s Day. It is just a really cheerful holiday that everybody should celebrate whether they have a boyfriend or girlfriend or not. All I need is a giant mound of candy to take home with me and I will be happier than ever.” I personally think that the Beatles have a great opinion about life: all you need is love.