Valentine’s Day Is Full Of Love

Valentine’s Day is the day you wait impatiently and hoping that certain someone, who you have had your eye on, will finally acknowledge you and ask you to be their Valentine. This feeling is exciting, overwhelming and nerve-racking. Valentine’s Day is a day when people can love or hate it. Personally it is one of my favorite holidays of the year. People have a right to show their affection for one another, and where it is okay too. “A day that couples can be sweet and gushy to each other, it’s cute!” said Kendall LaVigne, a junior at Dimond. LaVigne enjoys the holiday because she sees the joy in seeing people be happy. Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is coming up, the stores fill up aisles of decoration. Balloon hearts fly in the air. Red, pink and white are all around and heart shaped boxes full of assorted chocolates wait on the selves to be bought. Cards that have the most thoughtful, romantic quotes to make that person smile. Valentine’s Day is not all about chocolate, flowers, cards, stuffed animals, hearts and all the little things you get that day. It is the meaning behind it all which matters the most. The feeling is strong, that feeling is love. It is also caring for that certain someone who makes your heart skip a beat or lose your breath when you see them. “It is the day when you know someone is thinking of you,” said Cortney Lotz. The chocolates and all the other goods are always nice and they show that certain someone that you care and are thinking about them. “I like the chocolate!” said Alex Brigandi. Most people do not care for the holiday because they think they do not have anyone to share it with. It’s not true; there is probably someone out there who is too scared to ask you. Some people do not have the guts to speak up about their feelings because they are afraid to be shut down or denied. It is a common fear in people. Valentine’s Day is not meant to be an awful holiday. It is a joyous one; it is just how you look at it in a positive way. There is always a plus side of it; you can get candy, 50 percent off after the day goes by. Go ahead and eat your feelings away. It is your day; spend it the way you want to. Valentine’s Day is meant to be romantic, kind, sweet, caring and inspirational, a day to show that romantic side of yourself. Just a little act can change someone’s day. A card with a saying can mean a lot to someone, but actions speak louder than words. Just by doing a little something for that someone can show how much you truly care. Valentine’s Day could just be the day where you meet that certain someone.