Valentines Day Lovin

I am pro Valentine’s Day because Valentine’s day is full of love and is a day where you can show the ones you love how much they mean to you. “I love Valentine’s day because being able to have one day out of the year to have a day really focused on one thing, love, it is a really nice thing,” says, Joanna Edwards, a Dimond —. For most people, Valentine’s Day is full of flowers, candy, teddy bears and the usual things that make it sort of like Christmas. It is a day that people spend a lot of money on getting gifts for the people that they care for. “It turns it into a contest,” says Cullen Lickingteller, a Dimond English and Art teacher. “Well, if you’re single… Valentine’s Day is pretty much just torture, because you walk into the doors in the morning and there are all these couples holding hands and giving each other cute pink teddy bears that say gushy things like ‘I’m wild for you,’ ‘I love you,’ ‘Glad you’re mine,’ stuff like that. It’s like throwing it into your face that you’re just by yourself not getting any cute presents,” says Jasmine Crutin——— Some people, though, want to go outside of the box and do something for their special someone that is not the usual. “Once I climbed a big mountain and wrote my girlfriend’s name on the side of the mountain, it took all day, I rolled the big white granite rocks all into place to form the letters spelling her name. Later I drove her by there and said “Hey look your name is up there on the mountain!” She looked at me confused and said “Oh thats cool…” Lets just say that relationship did not last long” said Mr. Lickingteller Also a lot of people seem to not like the idea of Valentines Day and just do not like the day at all and say “Valentines Day is contrived and manipulates people! And it makes it too commercial in our country, people act a certain way, it taints people.” said Dimond High Schools counselor Mr. Mandel Also though a good percentage of the people really do love Valentines Day, like me. For me Valentines Day is fun because it is a day where I get to spend with my boyfriend and get cute stuff from him and also get him presents, and also usually my mom always gets me presents like candy and a teddy bear which is always fun too, but it is not the presents that are the really nice thing it is the being able to spend time with my boyfriend and have a day that is just for me and him. “I love Valentines Day because I’m a romantic! And I have a very sweeeet kind husband” says Ms. Metcalfe. So in the end Valentines day is full of pros and cons, but it is up to you to decide now, what is your view on Valentines Day?