Valentine’s Day takes Criticism

Valentine’s Day is a very controversial holiday. It’s a time of love and compassion but in the high school hallways it’s not always a good thing. Marissa Amor, a Dimond senior says, “I love Valentine’s Day but that’s probably because I have a boyfriend. Without my boyfriend it would definitely suck.” I feel that Valentine’s Day is a day when people are forced to show love and appreciation. Its too much love to come along in one day. There’s too much kissing, hugging and corny lines. Austin Portch, a Dimond senior voices his opinion, “I hate Valentine’s Day so much! It is a devil of a holiday, just awful!” There are many traits that Valentine’s Day has that are rather distasteful, an obvious trait is that it is usually only fun when you have a significant other. I personally like receiving gifts again two weeks after my birthday although they’re different types of gifts. I also have a girlfriend so that’s what makes this day more lovable. In support of this day of love Dimond senior Jessie Brewer tells, “Valentine’s Day is awesome! I love getting flowers and other types of things from my boyfriend.” Its pretty obvious that this is a couples type of day. If you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend this day just might not be the best holiday for you. Valentine’s Day is too much work to show someone you love them. I think people should already know who they’re loved by from their loved ones in everyday actions. Being reminded who you’re loved by is nice but it should be more of a surprise. A random day throughout the year would be best to spread out all the love out there. I would much rather have my girlfriend show me how much she loves me randomly to surprise me. It would mean so much more just that they did that instead of having Valentine’s Day remind her. Valentine’s Day is good to me as someone with a significant other but lets bring love to people without what some of us have. This would truly help Valentine’s Day’s reputation without a doubt!