Instagram: Taking Over the World

In the common age of technology, many new inventions are coming out and creating new ways to communicate with friends. With all of the new technology coming out, the populous is not accustomed to it. Instagram, a photo editing app, is one more contribution to the cause. If you look around in the hallways, most high school students will have an iPhone, or a type of Apple product. It is quite rare nowadays that someone doesn’t have an Apple device, because they are invading the world. Instagram had shared its position with Angry Birds and many other beloved applications at the top of the charts. “It was the number one application in the App Store,” said Tommy Chon, a freshman. Along with other reasons to press the download button, friends have been spreading the word throughout the school. “I saw it on my friend’s phone, and since I like pictures, I decided to download it too,” said Freshman Kahlin Blees. Along with him, other students have had the same reaction about hearing it from their friends. When you log onto Instagram, you will see a collage of photographs that look to have been edited by a professional. Little do you know, novice photographers are tricking people into thinking they are at elite status. So what do people actually do on the site? Freshman Elaina Kassel said, “I just change the color of my photos and post them for people to comment or like.” The features of commenting and liking seem like they have been taken from Facebook, another popular website. Sirena McNeil, a freshman said, “Facebook is better than Instagram since you can connect with friends and Instagram is mainly focused on sharing pictures.” “I post pictures and follow upperclassmen,” said Tia Lowe, a freshman. No matter what you use Instagram for, it is a great way to share photos with the world. Allie McDonnell, also a freshman, said, “On the website you take pictures of cool scenery and edit them to add more dramatic effect.” If you do some exploring on the application, you see that most people take photographs of the scenery around them and try to make it stand out more than it already does. Like most of the apps in the App Store, it could be improved. Every once in a while, updates are released to help the app flourish. Chon said, “[Instagram] would be better if you were able to have better special effects and if it had the ability to load video.” Currently, Instagram is on version 2.1. The applet has a very simple design of a camera with descending rainbow lines. Only time will tell what will come next in the technological world. After the development of Instagram fulfilling all dreams of photographers, it will be difficult to top it anytime in the near future.