The Fall of Facebook?

Facebook is the “book” of all faces and could be the most popular “book” of this age, but will it remain that way? Millions of people log on and interact on Facebook every day. “I don’t think there is one day that I don’t check Facebook, I know that sounds pretty lame. But when I see people on Facebook, it is kind of cool because you can almost watch as they grow emotionally and physically,” said Sophomore Amber Prather. It all simply began with Myspace, which was the center of our social network. A few years later Facebook then took control but now could Twitter be the new craze? “Yeah, I remember the days of Myspace,” said Sophomore Mackenzie Verduin. “I sometimes even log on now just to see how lame it is. I feel almost sorry for Myspace now.” “I like Facebook more,” said Sophomore Molly Monaghan, “but I use Twitter way more, especially for angry posts! I post every minute at times!” In the world of Facebook over-exposed posters are not exactly favored, which is a reason many people have switched to Twitter. “You can literally post every second and no one will get upset about it,” Verduin said. Even though Twitter is the new social network that any person can be addicted to, it still has a number of vices. “You can’t communicate as easy,” said Freshman Connor Weiss, “it just isn’t as interactive as Facebook.” “Facebook, if ever, won’t die for a long time,” said Verduin. “I mean, I am not the only person that uses it every day. There are too many people on it to just have it die out.” “I check Facebook every second,” said Monaghan, “it’s the easiest thing to do since it is such a popular iPhone app.” It is unbelievable how people have so many friends on Facebook. Friend counts start from the double digits (to as big as the tripple.) “I have 3,000 friends on my Facebook.” Junior Lexi McColgan said. “I don’t like how just anyone can follow you on Twitter,” Weiss said. “As weird as it sounds Facebook also seems to be more private.” Facebook hasn’t just been useful for communicating. It has been useful in the movie industry as well. “‘The Social Network’ opened my eyes in a way… which is kind of funny because during the movie I would check Facebook. All I have to say is Twitter would never be able to distract me the way Facebook does…” Verduin said. Right now Facebook is the best of the best, but will it remain that way?