A New Take On Your Common Chemistry Teacher

Mr. Campbell is known throughout the school as a man of many talents: he teaches Astronomy by day and coaches sports by night. In his spare time he plays Men B league volleyball, runs roughly five miles a day, has a wife and two kids, and manages to teach three periods of Astronomy and two periods of Integrated Science Nine. When he was a kid, he never guessed that this was how his life would turn out to be. As a young boy, he wanted to grow to be a doctor, just the average kid’s dream. As he got older and more involved in sports he decided that becoming a major league baseball player would be more suited to him. Campbell didn’t grow up to be either of these things. He went off to college and decided to be an engineer. At first, he thought that Engineering was a cool degree and was excited for it. Eventually, he realized that “being an engineer really was not as cool” as he first thought it would be. He says that on the day he decided to switch professions he was sitting in the Cleveland airport, waiting for a delayed plane. The more Campbell thought about it, the more he decided that he really did like engineering and how much he wanted to switch. He then took out his copy of the college course book and flipped through until he found something else he thought would be cool. That one thing that he found turned out to be teaching. He soon graduated college with a degree in teaching, and set out to get his first job. Now, almost ten years later, he is working here at Dimond High School as a science teacher. He has taught Chemistry, Freshman Biology, Freshman Integrated Science Nine, and Astronomy among other minor classes. On the side, he coaches and does several sports. He plays for the a B League volleyball at the AT&T center. In the spring he is the sprinting coach for track. Whenever he has any free time you can find him outside running or in the old gym working out. He says that he enjoys sports so much because it “keeps him in shape and he enjoys the feeling after working out.” Most of the students that have had him say that he is a pretty good teacher. All of the sprinters that run under him for track think that while he works them extremely hard, he is a pretty good coach.