Country Comes to Alaska with a Yeehaw

Who are country stars you hear about coming to Alaska, on the radio or shown on the sign posted at the Sullivan Arena? They are Dierks Bentley and Eli Young Band. This country concert will be performed on April 16, with Eli Young Band as the opening act and Dierks Bentley as the main performance. They are known for singing contemporary country, which is more modern. It is not the bluegrass, old timers’ country everyone thinks it is. Speaking of country, it is not what everyone thinks it is. Country is not old banjo and fiddle playing people try to make it out to be. It is about real life events with some twang in it. Country has a different sound about it. It usually has people with a southern accent or some twang in their voice. This also makes it unique and its own individual ways of music. Dierks Bentley has a huge effect on country. He has been singing for many years. He has been singing with his own twist on country. They sing from love, leaving and inspiring country songs. Country fans highly doubt you would find a song you could relate to in one way or another. Kendall LaVigne, a junior at Dimond high school, has been a true country fan for a while. “I like him because the songs he creates are exactly how I feel,” she said. She also described him as, “real country music, with a deep voice that is extremely sexy.” The Eli Young Band has a modern pop twist on country. They have upbeat music about love, not giving up and faith. Eli Young Band is not just one person singing; it is a group of different voices creating a strong country group. Many people love this group because of their unique twist on country by adding more pop but still keeping in the country ways of music. Ashton Bare, a junior at Dimond high school, has been listening to country music most of her life. “I like their music because of their unique voices,” she said. If you haven’t tried country music or always thought bad about it before actually listening to it and the stories written in the lyrics, country fans suggest going to the country concert of 2012 for Alaska. This concert could make you become a true country fan, with the stories in their lyrics, the twang in their voices and their catchy tunes. Guadalupe Trejo, a senior at Dimond high school, enjoys country music because, “I like that every song tells a story or an experience. It is a different life style,” said Trejo. Give country a try with Dierks Bentley and Eli Young Band, and I promise you will not leave without a little country in your heart. They will sweep you off their feet with their voices and soul that they portray in their music. This will be a night of music you will not ever forget. Time to get your boots and flannel on!