Let’s Play Solitaire

“What’s Solitaire?” said Dimond security guard Andre Toliver. “Never heard of this game, but ya’ know Jeremy Lin?” easily changing the conversation into better news. This game is not known to many, but for the people who have the free time to play, it is very challenging. “Solitaire is a game where you play with an entire deck of cards,” said Junior Steven Salvador,“ trying to match the four suits in order from smallest to highest. The only problem is that the rules make the game difficult to solve. People with free time can play this game so that they can kill time. There is no difficulty so it’s always the same.” “I’m too old to know what Solitaire is,” said Dimond counselor Chris Higgins. “I’m too busy for games, you kids have it easy playing games like this.” This statement is true compared to how time is different from so many years ago. Kids did not have any game systems or computers. “Usually, I play this game to have a focused mind,” said Junior Hailey Fanning. “Like, before a test and we have a free time in the computer lab, then I play this so that I can get more concentration.” Usually, when this event happens she gets at least an A or B on any test even if she does not study that much. “The point of this game is to kill time and/or get a higher score with the least amount of moves,” said Junior Emilee Rogers. “Most people like to go and play this game to kill time. Only a few amount of people play this game for competing and such.” She does not play this game, but she used to be very good at this. “I absolutely hate this game,” said Junior Patrick Rogers. “It is so pointless and I do not understand this game because it is too difficult for me.” Instead of playing Solitaire, he plays the Xbox 360 with all his other friends. Rogers loves playing games because it is more fun than most things. Most people like to play this game because it is challenging, but a lot of people do not know how to play so they end up hating the game. This difficult game makes many people mad. Many people are very entertained by this game. Play this game and see how you like it.