The Madness Begins

March is just around the corner and basketball fans everywhere know what that means. March Madness is the biggest basketball tournament of the year and it begins March 13. Many fans will be tuning in on selection day, which is March 11, to see if their team makes it into the tournament. March 12 is National Bracket day in which they will reveal the seeds and the matchups for the first day. “Whenever it is around this time of year, I get so excited that I can’t sleep,” said Dimond Junior Ryan Brady. Brady has been a basketball fan since day one. March Madness is a time when his whole family gets together and watches basketball. Duke seems to be the favorite around Dimond this year. “Duke is the best team in college basketball, whenever they’re playing, I’m watching,” said Dimond Senior Brock Crowe. Crowe will be attending Duke University next year. He is the second person in his family to get accepted into Duke. His sister, former student Sierra Crowe is attending Duke now and watches many of their basketball games. “I can’t wait to go there [Duke] and watch them in real life,” Crowe said. Like the Brady family, the Crowes will also be gathering around the TV for the majority of March. Last year’s winner, Connecticut, is looking strong again this year. “Connecticut is going down this year!” said Crowe. “Me and my family live for this kind of stuff. There is nothing more exciting than 67 teams all competing for one to be crowned champion of all!” said Dimond Senior Ryden Hines. Ryden plays basketball for Dimond. He is a strong candidate for the 2012 Gatorade Basketball Player of the year. Hines has been on varsity for three years. He has college basketball dreams. “Hopefully everybody will see me playing in next year’s March Madness Tournament,” said Hines. The Dimond basketball team has been doing quite well this year with Hine’s contribution. As of now, they are undefeated. Hines and the Lynx are getting excited for their own mini version of March Madness in Alaska. The region tournament begins Wednesday, February 29. Dimond, being the number one seed entering the tournament, is matched up with the number 8 seed, Chugiak. They hope to retain their number one seed going into the State tournament, which begins the week of March 5. Region games are held at West High School and the State tournament will be held at the Sullivan Arena. “I’ll probably cry if we win State, sitting on the bench my freshman year is not good enough. It’s something I have dreamed of my whole life,” said Hines.