Assembly Features Mr. and Ms. Dimond

Dimond students highly intrigued by the Mr. and Mrs. Dimond competition. After all the hype and excitement, the winners were Junior Megan Romo and Junior Cory Chan. Many students say it was one of the best assemblies in recent memory. The first contestant was Megan Romo. Her talent was a rap about South Anchorage High School. Second was Tiana Dunn. Her talent was singing a verse by Alicia Keys. The third contestant was Jackie Letourneau, who performed a dance to the Dimond Fight song. Fourth was Zeejay Datuin, who sang and played the guitar. The fifth contestant was Matthew Froehlich. Froehlich performed a reverse stripping routine. Cory Chan was the sixth contestant, performing a very flexible dance, and se venth was Arturo Oberto , who also sang and played guitar. The eighth contestant was Ashlyn Dye, who did a singing routine. Jim Anderson, a Dimond math teacher and one of the contest’s judges, said “The competition was fun and the kids really got involved. It was a pretty whimsical competition and the kids seemed to really enjoy it.”Overall, he thought it was a very fun experience.”