Happy Wheels Explodes on the Scene

Video games are the life blood of this generation. Over 91 percent of kids play video games. Happy Wheels is a user-submitted, ragdoll-physics adventure-based game created by Jim Bonacci and is exploding as a new popular game. T he game is most notable for its dark sense of humor and its large amounts of gore. Bonacci was motivated to create Happy Wheels due to the poor quality of ragdoll-physics games. He thought that they could be better. The controls are simple. The arrow keys are the main keys for moving forward or backward for a special ability the is unique to that character. Happy Wheels may be too violent for some, but most user-submitted levels have an enjoyable story plot to them other than just killing your character. Most story levels consist of an objective, such as coin gathering. Some coins are set easily in reach. Some are harder to get but with practice they are easy to get. “My favorite level is “It keeps happening,’” said Collin Dieckgraeff, a junior at Dimond. Most levels have a movie theme, and one level has an “Indiana Jones” theme with the famous rolling boulder chasing your character. But for those who like the humor aspect of the game, the options menu allows you to change the level of violence of the game. Players can control many different characters such as the “Irresponsible Dad,” one of the fans’ favorites. But there are those who hate this game, particularly those of an older audience. “I think it sets up unrealistic expectations of what is really going on,” said Dimond teacher Cullen Lickingteller. One Youtube channel has helped expand the popularity of this game. Uberhaxornova has started a video series of him playing Happy Wheels. His frustration with the game amuses his audience and makes them want to create their own levels just to see him “rage quit.” Uberhaxornova has several more types of videos, but Happy Wheels is his most popular. Happy Wheels has over 2 million different levels since its creation in June 2010.