Jump On 21 Street

From television show to a new hit movie, “21 Jump Street” has remained popular and hilarious since the late 80s. On April 12th, 1987 to April 27th, 1991 the famous show starring Johnny Depp, Holly Robinson, Peter Deluise and more created 103 episodes about youthful-looking undercover cops investigating crimes in high school, college and other teen venues. “21 Jump Street” is the title of this series and movie because the unit’s headquarters is located in an abandoned church on 21 Jump Street. This show was created mainly to attract young adults but it easily interested an age group of many. In 2012 (nearly 25 years after the show was first aired) the movie “21 Jump Street” was created and became a big hit in theaters all over the country. “‘21 Jump Street’ is the funniest movie I have seen in a long time,” Sophomore Brittanie Peters said. “I remember I laughed so hard, it is definitely one of those movies I would watch again.” The movie is based around the same idea, yet follows as two cops go undercover to a high school that they once attended, looking to stop the source of a newly found drug called HFS. Starring Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill and some recurring actors from the past television show, “21 Jump Street” was said to be “A textbook example of the best way to adapt a television show for the big screen,” movie journalist James Poniewozik wrote in Entertainment Magazine. “Some people may look at “21 Jump Street” as a bad example of a movie, but really, it shows the exact opposite.” Junior Joanna Edwards said. “In the movie they are doing the complete opposite which is trying to stop the drugs from spreading around school.” Many did not believe that Jonah Hill (also the writer of the movie) would be able to pull off making such an old-school television show into a movie that satisfies not only a new age group, but the same age group that enjoyed the television show, yet surprisingly he did. “I think Jonah Hill made the movie worth watching,” Peters said. “He is such a comedian, that if anyone else was to even attempt to recreate 21 Jump Street in a more modern humor way, it wouldn’t work.” “I remember in the beginning when they played an Eminem song all I could think was: this is going to be good,” Freshman Kahlin Blees said. 21 Jump Street starts off strong and continues to keep you laughing, grinning and entertained throughout the whole movie. “If anything, I think it would be awesome if they even brought the TV show back. Now that I know so much about it, I would definitely be one to watch it whenever it was on,” said Edwards. So far “21 Jump Street” is the street to be on, so if you haven’t watched the movie or seen the show, will you?