How to Survive Being A Freshmen

Dear Freshmeat freshmen, You are now entering the big house!! Goodluck trying to survive highschool better gather your tatics now, so you can get a head start. NO really relax highschool, is really not as bad as you may think it is, yes it is a new year, new start into your real teenage life… YOur final four years of free schooling ever, but read this and learn now before you enter prepare. The first thing i waould give you is to be yurself, going through high school remebering back to my feshman year i was so focused on the clicks, and who im going to hang out with during lunch, and yes.. o yes the “popular” crowd. Looking back now man i was so wrong the best advice This graduateing senior can give you is just be YOURSELF. When your a freshmen i know it may be scary or hard but if you just do you, then you will make it through high school just fine. There are two main things to understand now to take on and seriouse i order to make sure you get to graduation the end of your senior year. Theres this disease seniors tend to get, me personaly have learned this lession the hard way. I never took it seriouse until it happened to me. THis disease is called Senior Itis!!! WAtch out it sneaks and catches up on you. And when it comes to the last day it cn kill your dreams, your plans, and most important your graduation. My main thing iv learned as a graduatining senior is listin to your teacher, and turn in your work, get it done and then you will never hae to worrie about it again. Goodluch freshmen, Yours truely senior Samantha Bailey