Senior Samantha Bailey

Senior Samantha Bailey Memory is a way of holding onto the thing you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. “The Wonder Years” -Jessica McMahan Samantha Bailey was born in Spokane, Washington on March 3, 1994. In 2003, she moved to Anchorage, Alaska when she was in 3rd grade. Like all seniors, everyone has their own times of memories together. Memories made by friends, coaches, teachers, families and every school staff members of A.J Dimond High. “Playing three years of flag football and making my way up to the starting varsity center, is one of my best memories. The coaches really inspired me and Mr. Lauwers made me want to push harder and prove him wrong,” said A.J Dimond Senior Bailey. “Did I call it or what? She’s almost like a student to me,” said Bradley Lauwers. “Unlike most seniors, Samantha kept me on my feet the most. I love having her as my student. She knows exactly what her career is about. The more she talks about Cosmetology, I love to look at her face, because everytime we talk about her career, her face brightens up,” said David Donk. There are times when everyone has bad memories, but having a friend or two, maybe more, can be a great thing to have near you. “I known Samantha for seven going on eight years now. She loves Cosmetology a lot,” said East High senior Danielle Caldwell “My best friend from seventh grade at Wendler Middle school is Danielle Caldwell. It is a disappointment that I didn’t get to graduate with my her. However, I made new friends at Dimond High and went down to a path that I would not regret,” said Bailey. “I think she has tried her hardest and always strive for the best, seeing her graduate is another amazing hurdle she will pass and accomplish,” said Caldwell. Her biggest decision from high school was to switch from ROTC after three and a half years, to King Career Center(KCC) for Cosmetology. “ROTC has taught me how to be a leader. Taking ROTC for three and a half years, at the end of my senior years, Cosmetology is what struck my interest. Although I’m not going to graduate with the ROTC class, I will always be glad to remember what the program has taught me,” said Bailey. During her years in ROTC, those memories made by her friends and teachers will never be forgotten. Going to ROTC Military Ball and doing car washes, where she met her best friend, Chris Starr. After graduating from A.J Dimond high, Samantha plans on finishing out her student license at beauty school, which she does not know yet. “ She loves Cosmetology a lot. I have not see her interested in something as much as this. Cosmetology makes her happy and has passion for it. She has plan and known for certain she wants Cosmetology as a career and I know she will be best at it. She is charismatic, enthusiastic, sociable and has skills at Cosmetology, because of KCC. She will keep approving on her skills if she gets an opportunity,” said Caldwell. Samantha hopes and dreams to someday be professional hair-stylist and makeup artist for runways or celebrities.