senior spotlight Ger Moua

Senior Ger Moua Ger Moua was born on October 16, in 1993 St. Paul Minnesota. Moua comes from a family of ten siblings, nine sisters and one brother. moua moved from Minisota to Alaska in 2003. Ger Moua’s high school career started out at East high for two years after the end of her sophmore year, beginning of her junior year she transferred to A.J Dimond high. “Worst year was my junior year. My chemistry class. I ended up with a “D” it gave me nightmares and a terrible junior year,” said senior Ger Moua. Throughout your high school years students grow, learn, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Moua’s most favorable moment at East was entering her freshmen year and becoming a high school student. Ger also enjoyed meeting people including friends, and having friends from middle school and elementary, experiencing high school years. l “ My favorable moment at Dimond is making new friends and going thrugh the tough situation of switching into a new school where i didn’t know anyone for my final two years of high school,’’ said Ger. It was tough for Moua to leave her best frinds behind at East, and come to a school she has never heard of before. One of Moua’s decisions she has made that turned out to be one of her best high school decisions was joining the cross country ski team at East high school. “At first I was scared,but after I couraged up and took on the challenge, I really liked it, it was a blast,” said senior Moua At the end of the ski season, Ger Moua was awarded hardest working skier, and was given an award. “My accomplishment during my two years here at dimond is SURVIVNG at Dimond High school. “Being the new girl is hard, since the beginning my junior year espicially”. Said senior Ger Moua. ‘’Ger is really quite at first, but once you get to actually know her she is really friendly and nice,” said senior Lynett Samualu. After graduation Ger wants to enter into college, although she is not sure what for, Ger wants to go into buisness, or become a social worker. Ger Moua was a good student and her grades averageing int he “B” area. “Ger is a good student she is great about turning in her work on time,with quaility work,I enjoyed haveing her in my class,” said Mrs. Rosselle Ger Moua has made it to the stage where all of us are going to be closeing this chapter in our lifes, excited to see what our lifes and future experiences bring. To all of the seniors graduating, congrats. And senior Ger Moua has made it!