Senior Spotlight: Onyx Bishop

“I cannot wait for graduation,” said Senior Onyx Bishop. “It is gonna be sad when I graduate because I won’t be able to see most of my friends anymore.” “ I will be going to Washington State University Tri-Cities for college next year. Dimond was so fun. I enjoyed my four years in this school. It made living in Alaska more fun. There are so many cool teachers here. Like Mr. [Jeff] Bevier, for example, he is still currently my teacher for European Studies, but I think that he is cool.” “It will be sad when Onyx leaves,” said Junior Nathan Hussong. “I am going to be left alone in European Studies when seniors graduate. There would only be about six people left in class after they leave. Also, she did a lot for Dimond by joining the varsity softball for all four years of high school. She is pretty skilled because she has done softball for 11 years.” Bishop joined varsity when she entered Dimond 2007, freshman year. “I think she was one of the best players in the team,” Hussong said. “I really hope that Onyx is able to fit in Washington,” said Senior Layla Lawson. Bishop and Lawson are best friends who have been through everything together. “She is so funny and nice that she has even taken time to help me when I was in need. I think she can fit in anywhere.” Senior Onyx Bishop will be missed. Her funny and happy personality shall be cherished. The Softball team will also miss her supportive plays in games.