‘THE WORLDS NOT ENDING WERE JUST TAKEING OVER’, CLASS OF ‘12 Graduation “Your schooling may be over but always remember that your education still continues,” author unknown. Congratulations, to all seniors who have made it!! Your high school dramas, issues and finals have come to an end. The beginning of May, at the Sullivan Arena, Dimonds senior students graduate. Seniors who have meet all the high school requirements and passed the High School Graduate Qualification Exams(HSGQE) have the honor to walk amongst the class of 2012 and getting YOUR DIPLOMA. Amazing enough, Class of 2012 has approximately 408 senior students graduating. About 90-100 staff member will be involved with the ceremony. At senior graduations, all decorations are always well put together. This year graduation, there will be the band, swing choir and a singer for the National Anthem. Like all years, they will include the balloon release towards the end of the graduation. Of course, there will be no blow horns, a distraction to both student and families. Class of 2012, Senior honor speaker is Brock Crowe. Senior student speaker, chosen by seniors themselves, is Brea Walker. Seniors have come a long way, now is the time we have all been waiting for, the big step into the ‘real world’. “I feel so awesome that all the seniors are finally leaving, even though I am a senior myself, because college is like five billions more fun,” said Senior Art Sukanthanag. “I definitely will feel sad once the senior leave Dimond High. Because the hallways will be empty and I will not be able to see my senior friends,” said A.J Dimond Josephine Williams. “I am happy that I am able to graduate. Because after this, we are like on our own. Making our own future,” said Nicole Torino. “Every year, senior graduates is exciting for students and staff. I love to watch the kids go off and find their future,” said Dimond High teacher, Melican Nevala Kristen. Even though we are leaving the doors we entered as freshmen, we leave behind traces of our memories with friends, teachers and staff members of A.J Dimond High. “I’m going to be sad, when you are so attached to them. I’m also happy for them, that they accomplish,” said Kimberly Lauwers. “I am happy for class of 2012 graduating, yet it is sad for them to leave us. However, we did what we can to help them accomplish their goals and dreams,” said David Donk. The time is drawing closer, with only a week left, seniors are soon graduating, we bid our farewells and hope that the next senior generations will keep growing and carry on A.J Dimond High school spirit and tradition. But for now, farewell, carry on seniors.