Arturo Oberto

Arturo Oberto Arturo Oberto was born in 1994 in Venezuela, South America. He lived in venezuela all of his life up until his father got transferred to the company BP here in Alaska in 2008, it was Arturos first year at Dimond High School. “A lot of people told me that I learned english really fast,” said Oberto. Making friends was not an issue for Arturo, he started singing two years ago in 2010 when a couple of his closest friends asked Arturo if he wanted to join their band “The Vintage Astronauts”. “My friend Philippe and Thomas wanted to start a band and I guess I was the only guy that they thought could be the singer,” said Oberto. During his High School career, Arturo has generally had good grades and joined Choir for his senior year and is also apart of swing choir. While being in High school, Arturo also automatically joined the Dimond soccer team and made Junior Varsity his freshman year and still plays until this day. “My favorite memory of being here at Dimond High School was beating South High School in our soccer state championship game two years ago,” says Oberto Although singing is a big passion of Arturo’s, Soccer has mostly been his number one. Playing since he was nine years old Arturo’s drive for the sports action has led him all the way to a full ride scholarship to Peninsula college in Washington state for his soccer abilities and he would love to become a pro, just like his favorite star soccer player, Iker Casillas. “He is the best goalie ever! He is also from Spain,” said Oberto “But if I could be on any team I wanted it would have to be Barselona, they simply are the best”. After High School Arturo plans to move back here to Alaska to spend the rest of his life to live in this peaceful city of Anchorage.