Dragonvale Dependancy

There is a new iPhone app sweeping the nation and it is known as Dragonvale. Dragonvale has been downloaded over 125 million times in the last year, mostly by teenagers who are procrastinating their homework or other work. Many people had never even heard about it until two months ago, when it had a sudden rise in popularity, and everyone jumped on the Dragonvale bandwagon. Sophomore Jameson Rust said, “I love Dragonvale more than anything else. It is by far my favorite app! I might have loved it more than my girlfriend… We aren’t dating anymore.” Many people are like Jameson, the app has consumed their whole life. They only eat and sleep during lulls in the game, and homework is never done. Many people are taking Dragonvale to the extreme, barely spending time on other important matters in life like sports, eating, sleeping and interacting with other human beings. Sophomore Zen Stephens said, “Dragonvale? I think you meant to say life. I live it, breathe it and play it with a fiery passion. Dragonvale has consumed my life and I cherish it dearly. So far, I’ve spent over five hundred dollars on Dragonvale and I have even created multiple accounts because I play so much.” Most people are not that crazy about the game, but many others have gone even farther, saying that the game is more addicting than any other game. Sophomore Ben Froehlich said, “Playing Dragonville is super addicting. I find myself with no free time at all since I’ve downloaded it.” The majority of people, however, are not so crazed about Dragonvale. They think it is simply a game that you play when you’re bored. Freshmen Callan Drake said, “I’ve only played Dragonvale once. It is okay.” Sophomore Terrence Odron said, “Dragonvale is boss as bomb diggidy. Words cannot describe how much I like Dragonvale.” This story also has a flip side, many argue that it is the same as every other game out there for the iPhone. Sophomore Henry Burnett said, “I hate Dragonvale. Everyone is always talking about it and it is so annoying. It is like every other Farmville game except with dragons, which does not make it good. There is like three hundred other games similar to Farmville and Dragonvale is just one of them. Everybody thinks it is so special because it has dragons, but it is really not any different than Farmville. It sucks.” When asked what a good game was, Burnett said, “Play Jetpack Joyride. It is one of its kind. I think I’m in love with that game. ‘JPJR’ is amazing!” Whether you’re addicted to Dragonvale or any other game, remember: maintain a social life, no matter how good the game is.