Mayan Day of Reckoning: Two Views

December 21, 2012: people all over the world are awaiting this fateful Day of Reckoning that the extinct Mayan civilization has predicted. The end of the world is inevitable, but the real question is: when will it actually happen? It could perhaps be the most catastrophic event in all of mankind. Babies will cry out in terror, people will flood the streets, rioting and flipping cars in fear. In other words, complete madness will ensue all over the globe. Could it be real? Many believe so, and others believe that the Mayans ran out of stones, or just became lazy and did not want to predict that far into the future. Many are skeptical about the supposed Day of Reckoning that awaits us. There are very strange predictions about exactly what will happen on December 21. Sophomore Zen Stephens said, “I think that dinosaurs will rise from the earth, and a meteor the size of Texas that is shaped like a fish will strike down upon California, splitting it in two. The impact will also create earthquakes that will cause a polar shift making Earth’s axis switch. “Because of the meteor strike, the stock market will plummet to the lowest it has ever been. This was all simultaneously planned by the Illuminati of course. My visions are never wrong, I’m a soothsayer,” Stephens said. Many others even believe that this supposed catastrophic event was set up from the start by different secret organizations. Sophomore Terrence Odron said, “The Illuminati planned it from the beginning. This is all fake and we were set up.” There are multiple theories as to what exactly will happen on December 21, 2012, and opinions differ from person to person, presenting a plethora of presumptions. Sophomore Dustin Elliott said, “The end of the world is nigh! The aliens are coming back to harvest us, get out your tin foil hats.” There is another side of the story, however. Many people have never even heard about it, or if they have they wrote it off as a joke from beginning. Sophomore Henry Burnett said, “I’ve actually never thought about it. But if I had to take a side, I would fully disagree with everything Terrence said.” While many are stressing about the “end of the world” others are being quite carefree about this entire topic. Some people are completely disregarding this doomsday ordeal and thinking about other important matters. Dimond History Teacher Lem Wheeles said, “The world is not going to end this year, and even if it was I do not care to think about these kind of things. Over thinking such matters is a waste of my time.” Others believe that the end of the world won’t take place in 2012 because the Mayans simply didn’t finish their “doomsday calender.” Junior Amelia Hennessy said, “It’s not going to happen, I’m not worried at all about it. If it does then I can get on a plane and fly away.”