Senior Spotlight: Sarah Friestone

Sarah Friestone is the envy of all runners at Dimond. In her four years of high school, she has gone from a no-name middle school runner to the fastest girl in the state by her senior year track season. She has also earned other honors and awards, such as Prom Queen 2012, A GPA of 4.23 and 12 different varsity letters. She has lettered all four years of high school in track and field, cross-country running and cross-country skiing. All of her fellow students and current and former teachers think very highly of her. She has left quite an impression on Dimond because of all of her talents. Dimond Science teacher Brett Roth, who is also a cross-country ski coach, said, “There are many reasons that I think that she is a good student. She works hard not to win, but because she loves what she is doing. She doesn’t want to win or be good, she just wants to work her hardest so she can be a better person. If I could have her as a student again, I would have. She was the hardest working kid in the class, I could just tell she was different from the first day of school.” Other teachers agree with that opinion of her. Most are very sad that she is going away to college; they want to keep her here at Dimond so she can be a good influence on all the other students. Other students also think as highly of Sarah. They wish they were as good at running or had as high a GPA. “If I was a guy I would date Sarah. I mean, she is just perfect in every way, and I really wish we had become better friends throughout high school,” Senior Savanna Desatoff said. Freshman Callum Toohey, a Dimond cross-country teammate of Sarah, said, “I really look up to Sarah. I want to be as good as her.” Sarah admits that throughout high school everything hasn’t been as good as it is now. “I worked pretty hard my freshman and sophomore years at running, but it didn’t really show until I was a junior. Since then, I’ve just been getting better and better. My advice to anyone who wants to do good is just to work their hardest. If you believe, then you can achieve.” Just last weekend, she won another award. She was the 2012 prom queen. In the future, she plans to attend UAA on a full ride running scholarship. She also plans to keep on skiing.