Senior Spotlight: Savanna Desatoff

Among many of the outstanding seniors who are graduating in the class of 2012, Savanna Desatoff will be a senior none of us will ever forget. Desatoff excels at many things, but cross-country skiing is one sport that will take her far in her career. “Savanna loves to ski, and she is really good at it. She has the heart of a lynx,” said Brett Roth, one of Dimond’s Ski Coaches. Desatoff began skiing at a young age, and took a major interest in it when she was a sophomore. After being dedicated for three years to the Dimond Ski Team, Desatoff made it to Junior Nationals at Soldier Hollow in Utah. One of her good friends, Senior Sarah Freistone said, “Savanna is the most beautiful person I have ever seen. I would totally date her if I could.” Freistone accompanied Desatoff to Junior Nationals where their friendship continued to brew. She was also on the swim team in Juneau, when she lived there for three years. On the other side of the spectrum, Desatoff has a GPA of over a 4.0, landing at approximately 4.08 as of first semester. Even though she took extremely difficult classes in high school, Desatoff said, “My biggest accomplishment in high school was passing Alaska Studies. It was a super difficult class!” With the credit from Alaska Studies under her belt, Desatoff was accepted into Montana State University, in Bozeman, Montana. “I just got back from visiting the campus, and it was amazing to see what the rest of the world has to offer me!” said Desatoff. Even though she is leaving her brother, Freshman Austin Desatoff behind, Savanna Desatoff is ready to graduate. “I have had senioritis ever since I set foot in high school,” said Desatoff. Desatoff does have one main regret in her high school career. “I sincerely do regret not being more outgoing, and not having the ability to make friends with randoms,” said Desatoff. Desatoff has some top notch friends who wanted to put a word or two in about her departure from Dimond High. “She hot,” said Amelia Hennessy, a junior. Ms. Desatoff looks to be a person everyone wants to be near. Because Desatoff loves to mingle with her sparkly personality, Desatoff said “Right below my biggest regret of high school, I regret not being able to beat up some more Freshman.” In her spare time, you might see Desatoff scarfing down some frozen yogurt at Yogurt Lounge, or in the alleyways beating up more freshman. “I think I’m going to marry her someday,” said love-stricken Hennessy. Desatoff is an amazing person to have in the record books of Dimond, and she will be severely missed by all.