Seniors Give Advice to Freshmen

Almost all seniors can remember a time when they were freshmen, and they all have plenty of advice that they would have given themselves. All seniors wish they could have had an older brother or sister that told them these tips, so they weren’t scared of going to school the first half of their freshman year. The most common advice that any senior would give themselves as a freshman would be to work harder. As they become older, most students start working harder, but for the first couple of semesters of high school a lot slack. “I really wish I had worked my freshman year. I could have had a four-year varsity letter, but I didn’t care enough to work hard back then. It’s probably the one thing that I’m going to regret for the rest of my life,” said Senior Ryan Turpin. Many seniors have done this; they wish they had cared more about sports or grades their freshman and sophomore years. Many other seniors have the exact opposite idea. Rhey think that they worked too hard early on in high school and burned out. They wished they had waited until later on and then tried hard, or not even tried at all. “I honestly think that high school is a joke. You don’t aren’t really ever going to use Algebra 2 or Physics when you’re out in real life. I wish that when I was a freshman I had slacked off and just taken easy classes instead of AP and Honors classes. All that work really ruined the high school experience, it made me busy all day every single day,” said Dimond Senior Craig Lematta. This opinion is shared by lots of seniors. They took a couple of Honors and AP classes early on in high school, and then quickly realized it was not their thing. Most quickly dropped out and ended up going easy for the rest of high school. “I think that anyone who doesn’t try their hardest in high school must be crazy. If you want to get to a good college, you’re going to have to work hard now. I worked hard for all of high school, and it really did me good,” said Senior Sarah Friestone. There is also some other advice out there that has nothing to do with working hard or not. “High school is just way too short. I really wish I had done more in my four years. I know a lot of people that thought it lasted too long, but really if you keep it filled it will go by quickly. I regret not doing any other sports or taking other AP classes during high school,” said Senior Savanna Desatoff. No matter what you do in your four years of high school, all seniors can agree on one thing: Just do what you want to, and make sure you do a lot of different activities.